FAQ Pre-Enrolment

  • Which credit cards are accepted?

    Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Diners

  • Are there other means of payment?

    We prefer the check-out via credit card. For additional payment options please send an inquiry to masterclass@futur.io

  • When should I register?

    ASAP. We will take registrations to the class as first come first served. Although the first Launch date of the class is October 5, we may sell out before the launch date. So we ask you to register ASAP to secure your place.

  • How quick is the sign-up process?

    A minute or two. You will be taken to our payment processing page. After you enter your billing details, you will receive an email instantly with access to express sign-in page to set a password for your account. From there you get your enrolment confirmation and are good to go. You will also receive your invoice in a separate email in PDF format.

  • What is the language of the masterclass?

    All lecturers and all workshops will be held in English.

  • I am interested in the corporate group rates

    For group rates please contact us via masterclass@futur.io

  • I am interested in a different language than English

    We welcome interest for other native languages. As of now, the lectures are all in English and the workshops as well. We are open to learn of your interest for workshops that feature other language facilitators – this would first only be available to complete groups. Please get in touch with ur team via masterclass@futur.io

  • What is the timing of the masterclass?

    four weeks programme | 3 videos unlocked each week for self-study
 | 1 Live workshop every Friday, 10am to - 12am CEST.

  • Which software do you use?

    We are using: Thinkific for the course, Zoom for workshop video conferences, Miro for workshops
, Slack for communication.

FAQ Post-Enrolment

  • Where do I find the Zoom Link for the workshops?

    You can find it in your thinkific course overview, in the workshop section for each week. Please click "Join Meeting" on Friday 10 AM GMT+1.

  • Do I need to be a professional in working with Miro?

    We recommend getting to know the software, but you don’t need to be proficient. We’ll guide you through the interface during our first live session. Please create an account beforehand.

  • Is there an opening session on the first Monday?

    No! We’ll see each other on the first Friday during the workshop.

  • Is this mandatory to watch all videos of the week to join the workshop?

    We highly recommend watching the weekly videos before Friday but if for some reason you’re unable to, please join the workshop anyway.

  • Is it mandatory to join the workshops?

    Yes! In order to receive your certificate in the end, it's mandatory to watch all lectures, complete all workshops, and fill out all evaluations.