Are you prepared for the rapid change of tomorrow?

Learn how to apply the innovational strategic frameworks developed by the futurist thought leaders. Discover grand opportunities for your business while creating desirable futures for our planet, society, and generations to come!

   12 Moonshot Captains 

will take you on the journey to 

the desirable futures 

A Compass for Change

Chapter 1

CEO & Curator, Futur/io Institute

Harald Neidhardt

Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, economy and entrepreneurs – especially in Europe. Together with an inspiring futurist faculty, leading innovators and creative minds, he has launched Futur/io to co-create desirable futures.

CEO, think.speak.transform.

Pascal Morgan

Pascal is a technology pioneer, creative thinker, passionate speaker, and cross-industry digital transformation advisor. Over 28 years in IT, Technology, Media, and Innovation as Executive and strategist for Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders eg. Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, AOL, and Pixelpark. Boardmember EUTEC


Julia von Winterfeldt

Julia is an advocate for human leadership and believe that purpose and kindness are the hidden keys to elevate the potential of individuals, teams, and organisations. Using integral approaches she guides leaders to pause, reset and step up into a more conscious and purposeful, synthesised future.

For The Future Of Humanity

Chapter 2

Chief Designer & Futurist, SAP

Martin Wezowski

Martin crafts future outlooks, strategies and products, designs and runs innovation frameworks to find out what’s next for SAP and the future of work. There are few Sci-Fi movies he has not yet seen. Ask him about any of the above and watch for the spark in his eyes as you prepare to be fascinated.

Principal, Futurity Studio

Cecilia Tham

Cecilia is a Principal and Future Synthesist at Futurity Studio and former Senior Social Technologist at Alpha Telefónica Innovation. As a serial entrepreneur, she is the founder of multiple companies, MOB, the largest co-working community in Barcelona, and FabCafe, digital fabrication lab meets coffee shop, and, an ai training school from women for women.

Futurist, Automotive

Alexander Mankowsky

Paramount to Alexander is to tackle Climate Change: Therefore, his working field has changed from AI to his foundation as a social scientist. As a futurist, to maintain a sense of time is equally important as it is to integrate the most diverse perspectives. Empathy and experience are his main sources of agency.

Developing Your Moonshot pablbl

Chapter 3

Ambassador & Advisor at X, Google X

Pablo Rodriguez

Founding Chief Executive Officer at Alpha, Europe's first Moonshot Factory, building projects that will affect 100's of millions of people, grow into impactful businesses, and be a net force for good on the planet. One of the leading thinkers in Artificial Intelligence, Privacy, and Data Transparency.

Climate Activist, SDG Advocate

Marc Buckley

Marc Buckley is an advisor to the United Nations, the founder of the ALOHAS Resilience Foundation and a member of the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network, advising on innovation, climate change, agriculture, food, and beverages. He is is currently working with Fortune 1000 companies on their sustainability objectives.

Futurist & Creative Strategist

Maks Giordano

Maks is a creative strategist with 25+ years work experience mainly working with big corporate clients on digital transformation projects. He co-founded one of the first mobile-centric agencies and grew it to over 150+ employees before exiting to WPP.

Moonshot Execution

Chapter 4

Adjunct Faculty, IE University

Ricardo Mesquita

Ricardo is an expert on immersive learning and believes there is a growing gap between what most education provides and what humans need for the future. This is fuelled by a deep interest in the evolution of employment, skills acceleration, workplace automation, cross generation learning and talent development with the rise of AI.

Associate Architect, Foster + Partners

Roxy Guellmeister

Roxy has extensive professional experience in architectural design, innovation and technology integration. Her key topics are new retail, smart city and mobility. Her interest in human-centred design goes beyond architecture towards interface, sustainability and future urban living.

CEO, LIV.IN Training & Coaching

Melisa Arnautovic

Melisa has longtime corporate strategy experience in 50+ countries of global retail & FMCG managing; people development, customer management, marketing, sales, execution across the globe. Ambassador of life-long learning. Purpose of helping people and organisations to live their true selves. Culture transformation coach.

The Moonshot Thinking Masterclass

Certificate Online Executive Education

We want to empower decision-makers of today, to become architects of desirable futures. 

The Faculty of the Futur/io Institue developed this online executive education programme to help you hone in on your abilities as a co-creator of desirable futures, by learning how to develop and deploy successful Moonshot strategies.

Big problems require radical solutions. Our Moonshot Thinking Masterclass will help you transform your mindset to think BOLD like an innovation leader, with the strategic capabilities of a modern-day futurist 

Your Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn the fundaments of Moonshot Thinking 
  • Discover the latest success factors in digital innovation and business transformation
  • Understand what true purposeful leadership entails
  • Train to think like a futurist
  • Practice applying insights in our live, hands-on workshops
  • Join a network of purpose-driven, forward-thinking leaders

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Participant Feedback

Why We Do What We Do

Dr. Abir Haddad

Legal Advisor at Resilience Frontiers, UNFCCC

Futur/io took me to the future.

Herko Coomans

International Digital Health Coordinator at Ministerie van Volksgezondheid

If you're looking for a band of misfits, rebels and pirates who bring chaos into your life: look no further. The beauty of this Moonshot Thinking Masterclass is that they bring purpose out of that chaos and share their experiences and tools with you so you can do the same. I loved it!

Marc Ramelow

CEO at Gustav Ramelow KG

An inspiring masterclass with many deep dives by so able professionals. Being an ordinary businessman I learned how to think on a larger scale which is so important in these disruptive times.

Susana Morgado

Consulting Manager at Near Shore Center Portugal at SAP Portugal

These Moonshot Thinking Masterclass exceeded my expectations, once more. It is always great to hear such inspiring people sharing their point of views. it really makes us thinking. I highly recommend to attend, you will not notice how time flies and how much you learn with pleasure ! No doubt, great moments with great people.

David Korte

Partner & CDO at DGT AG, DISCO Experiential Communication

This short trip to the moon was well organized, great fun and most of all truly inspiring.

Masterclass Curriculum

Our faculty is here to unlock your future-proof potential, both as corporate leader and as an individual influencer.

  • Week 1 – Moonshot Thinking

    Transform your mindset and to think bold like a futurist with the strategic capabilities of a business leader. Be inspired by real Moonshot captains and the team that initiated the first Moonshot factory in Europe. Learn how to apply imagination and tools to creative teams and corporate innovation cultures

  • Week 2 – Purpose & Leadership

    Equip yourself with a methodology to put Moonshot Thinking into action. Learn how you can address resilience and SDG challenges with the tools of an open innovation ecosystem investor & activism platforms. Understand purpose driven leadership. Foster Live-long learning and motivation

  • Week 3 – Moonshot Inspiration

    Understand how exponential technologies and accelerated speed will change citizen behaviour as an opportunity for new ideas. Learn how small and ambitious teams can become world changing innovation drivers. Participate in live workshop sessions to apply the insights gained in your professional context.

  • Week 4 – Moonshot Execution

    Discover success factors in digital innovation and business transformation models through digital ecosystems, corporate culture and exponential technology. Apply the expert insights via workshop group sessions and co-creation methods. Cultivate innovation in corporate teams or in a startup.

  • Alumni Association

    Upon completion of the Moonshot Thinking Masterclass, you will become an honorary member of the Futur/io Alumni Association and gain access to exclusive Futur/io networking events, reciveve resources for your own Moonshot projects, and become a proud part of a community dedicated to shaping desirable futures.

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